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Centec South Africa | Liquid and Gas Processing | Measurement Devices

Centec is a strong globally operating group of companies. Specialized in liquid and gas processing, we are rapidly growing in the major world markets. With decades of experience we develop and manufacture customized process plants and high precision measurement devices. A key to the performance of our skid mounted units is our unique ability to accurately monitor and control product characteristics such as density and concentration with incredible precision.

It is our pleasure to introduce Centec.

Centec is a strong, privately owned group of companies well established throughout the world.

The Centec Group

Centec is a strong, privately owned group of companies well established throughout the world. Our headquarters is located close to Frankfurt with excellent access to the airport. With a focus on various industries, we are rapidly growing in the major world markets. An international team of specialists with considerable experience and extensive application specific know-how has always been the basis of our success.

State of the art CAD workstations deliver technologically advanced process units according to customer specifications. They set standards with respect to performance and design. Our measurement technology combines the highest demands for precision with various possibilities of process integration and data communication.

Synergies within the Centec Group are effectively exploited for the benefit of our customers. Centec has several production facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic. They include a very skilled electrical and automation department with in-house switch cabinet manufacturing. In several countries like the U.S., Brazil and India local sales and service is provided by Centec Group subsidiaries. This outstanding infrastructure allows efficient logistics, short lead times and strict adherence to delivery deadlines. The quality of our products is outstanding, so is the price-performance ratio.

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. This powerful quality monitoring system ensures the quality of each unit and sustainable customer satisfaction. The Centec Group not only comprises a global engineering structure for the sales and service of process equipment but it also includes pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. As a competent partner of the pharmaceutical industry we are more than familiar with GMP guidelines and demanding FDA requirements.

Expertise. Experience. Centec.

Centec Products

Food & Beverage Industry | Brewing Process | Carbonation, Nitrogenation

The largest brewery groups in the world trust our technology. Centec equipment is used throughout the entire brewing process. For soft drinks, dairy and food industries we offer a large variety of customized process units. We have decades of experience in water treatment, carbonation, nitrogenation, liquid blending, flash pasteurization and cleaning-in-place.

Chemical Industry

Based on extensive know-how, we are a specialist for most accurate density measurement of liquids and skids for high precision dosing – even of smallest quantities. For media supply we offer water purification and pure steam generation systems. CIP- and SIP-units made by Centec are widely used in chemical industries.

Pharmaceutical Industry | Biotechnological Plants | CIP- and SIP-processes

A core business for Centec is customized systems for the production and distribution of high purity and WFI water for pharmaceutical and biotechnological plants in accordance with GMP and FDA guidelines. We are an experienced partner for pure steam generation, CIP- and SIP-processes as well as for services related to product preparation.

Energy Industry | Process Units | Water Purification and Water Deaeration technologies

From conventional power plants to solar energy and biofuel – there is a broad range of applications for our tailor-made process units. We are a leading supplier of water purification and water deaeration technologies in various areas. Our inline and mobile devices for oxygen measurement set standards with respect to design and accuracy.

Customized process plants and high precision measurement devices from a single source. Truly unique. Centec.

Centec sensors are applied in laboratory and process environment as “stand alone” devices or part of a process control system. They ensure that products are produced to consistently high standards and that processes run extremely efficiently with minimum waste and the least consumption of energy and raw materials. The hygienic design of our instruments meets even the strictest pharmaceutical requirements.

Our product range covers sensors that measure the O2 content in liquids and gases (OXYTRANS) but also devices for the measurement of dissolved CO2 in liquids (CARBOTEC) – for example in carbonated soft drinks and beer.

Other types of sensors measure the sound velocity in a liquid (SONATEC) or the density of the liquid (RHOTEC). This data allows the concentration of a media such as sugar, alcohol, acid or caustic to be displayed locally or transmitted to the process control system. Due to its extreme accuracy, German authorities have certified RHOTEC for measuring alcohol content, against which alcohol tax is levied.

Our COMBITEC sensor combines the functionality of SONATEC and RHOTEC and is used for three-component liquids. Applied by breweries across the globe, this compact sensor calculates the concentration of alcohol, original gravity and extract.

The range of skid mounted units includes systems for water purification and water deaeration, carbonation and nitrogenation, liquid dosing and blending as well as pasteurization and dealcoholization. No matter how complex your requirements may be, we will find the right solution and optimize your production process. Our core competences are:

  • Ion Exchange
  • Water Softening
  • Ultra & Nano Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Distillation of WFI Water
  • Pure Steam Generation
  • Membrane Water Deaeration
  • Column Water Deaeration
  • Vacuum Water Deaeration
  • Carbonation & Decarbonation
  • Nitrogenation
  • Wort Aeration
  • Automated Yeast Dosing
  • High Gravity Blending
  • Continuous Premixing
  • Multi Stream Blending
  • Additive Dosing
  • Flash Pasteurization
  • Sterile Filtration of Products
  • Dealcoholization
  • Cleaning-in-Place (CIP)
  • Sterilization-in-Place (SIP)